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Miral 2.2s


Only one module and one mobile application will enable you to automate your home and add a touch of luxury to it. Our products ( Miral2.2s & Miral Thinks App) are the most durable, intelligent, and multifunctional. The Miral2.2s can control up to two devices at the same time, (light + outlet, lock + light, outlet + lock, etc…), etc. Thanks to Miral Thinks which is the complementary product of the 2.2s your can remotely control your home, create scenes depending on your routine, schedule your devices to Open/Close at a certain time in a certain duration, and you can receive immediate notification whenever any of your devices get used.                                         

How to save Energy & Water at your properties with Miral Technology

Our combination of Products can help you decrease your energy & water consumption, you will be able to turn Off any of your devices that you don't need (such as lights, TV, A/C, watering system..) remotely and receive a notification whenever it’s day time and your lights On or you just out of home and you forget to turn Off your devices. Or you can simply program your watering system, washing machine, or dishwasher to run during off-peak hours. Also, you will get notified that detects if your device works correctly or if it's getting old and needs a repair or change

High Quality - Low-Cost Smart Home

Using Miral Technology products will help you build your own smart home, without changing any of your home equipment you can make your own devices automated, with a simple installation that didn’t require any building modification and it helps you decrease your wiring cost up to 40%, by installing the Miral2.2s behind the plug, switch, relay box or junction box you are able to connect 2 devices per a module and you can enjoy transforming your own A/C, Plug, Light, Lock, Shutter, or your Garage door into a smart and modular one.

Safe & Easy electrical installation

Miral Technology’s products are DIY friendly by following the simple instructions coming with the module you can easily install the module and use Miral Think App which is user-friendly. For more information, you can contact our experts for demos.

Keep your home decoration and make it smart 

Miral Technology will not force you to change any of your electrical devices, plugs, or light switches. You can keep your Modern, Simple, old, or even oriental or luxury decoration. We work with what you have.

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