Why choose Miral-providing the Physical/Psychological Comfort and Luxury

The comfort and luxury should not be only physical but should be efficient providing: -Security -comfort -Luxury -Efficiency -It-Easy to install -Practical to use -Compatible with any Life style, building, and usage

Making any shutter Smart!

No need to change your classical shutter, you can keep any design or shutter you like with Miral but make it Smart and useful

Transforming your building from boring to smart! has never been easier.

What can Miral Technology offer you! we provide a special and unique experience using a small efficient module and a useful magical mobile application

What can Miral Thinks App offer you?

Miral Thinks App is a unique application that can make your dreams of luxury and comfort come true. Miral Thinks App available on Android and iOS. introducing the most efficient 3 features: Remote Control, Node Sharing, and Smart Notification.

Making any Door Smart !

An exterior door, A Garage door, a Parking garage, or a hotel's room doors can be Smart with no need for any construction work or to change any of your doors, just using Miral 2.2s and the mobile Application enough to transform any door into a smart connected one

The Smart Way for a REAL Smart home

Why should we go for the construction work or change our decoration for having a Smart home with limited options while you can use Miral and make the Classic object Smart and connected?