Miral 2.2s
    Make your home more comfortable, sustainable and safe 
    with the intelligent technology of our product Miral 2.2s.

Miral 2.2s


The Miral 2.2s enables you to automate your home and add a touch of luxury to it.
The Miral 2.2s is the most durable, intelligent and multifunctional device you can have to control every aspect of your home.
The 2.2s can control up to two devices at the same time, (light + outlet, lock + light, outlet + lock etc...) etc.

Compatible with any regular button

Miral 2.2s can work with any type of button, normal light switch, push button light switch and add a smart behaviour to it. For example, now you don't have to use the top-down push button to control your shutters. You can do this with just one click.

Sensor support

Miral 2.2s is carefully designed so that it is compatible with all types of wired sensors , such us:
  • - Magnetic sensors which can be used to detect and report the opening and closing of your doors.
  • - Motion sensors which can be used to turn on lights automatically without touching anything.


Miral Thinks allows you to conveniently schedule your devices actions. You may turn them on/off automatically at a predefined time and day throughout the week.


You want to control a lighting point from many positions like the case of long corridors, stair case and halls? Miral 2.2s offers up to two teleruptor systems, all you need is to wire Miral2.2S to your existing push button, then choose your lighting mode between simple or teleruptor from our application Miral Thinks.


Miral Thinks is the best user friendly interface that provides quick access to common features and commands. A quick step-by-step installation guide lets you use the smart device in a few minutes.


Now you can control Miral 2.2s from cloud or with local control features without using any hub or local server. You just need to be conneted to the same local network.


Miral 2.2s can support an electric load up to 16A per channel. It can support the majority of systems in your home.

Enjoy Your Comfort