• Save Energy, Enjoy luxury
  • Take your home temperature and air quality into your hands


If you’re looking for turning your home into a comfort zone, regardless of how old or new is your building? Now you can make your building smart and connected easily to control it with just a single press via your Smartphone.                                   

Energy Efficiency

Increase your home’s energy efficiency by being notified on your Smartphone if the consumption of your appliance is higher than usual. You will never have to worry about wasting energy.  


It happens to all of us, you leave your home, and on your way to work, you realize that you’re unsure if you closed the door or turned off the lights. No worries, Easily check the actual status of each device and close anything you forgot right from your device

Increase Safety

Rest assured. Whether you’re on vacation or at work, your smart home will notify you if anything unusual happens.

A/C Automation

Take your home temperature and air quality into your hands

Using Miral 2.2S with your existing ACs and Heating systems offers you both flexibility and energy efficiency, by offering you total control on who is using and how is he using your AC. Avioid any abuse or exessive use to your systems, saving energy and giving longevity to your devices.Miral 2.2S is designed to give you the capability to  manage your A/C remotely, without any strain, with a simple icon tap on  your phone, you can also schedule your AC to turn on in certain hours and lock itself out in others.
  • Energy Efficient
  • Prevents abusive usage
  • Programmable according to your preferances
  • Smart notifications relative to the current weather

Easy Wireless Smart Device

Wirelessly Connects

Simple to connect  to Wi-Fi .

Push Notification

With push notifications, receive instintinius alerts on your mobile device whenever any of your lights get used to getting opened/closed from the App or manually or just a simple status update to let you know things are safe.

Control Remotely

Control the outlets at home, no matter where you are. It becomes so easy to run everything with just one tap on your smartphone.


With miral 2.2s control your A/C and Optimize your energy consumption.

Forgot to turn it off? No problem

Start Enjoying the Full Benefits of Miral Thinks app which gives you the comfort and peace of mind of real time feedback. Left the home in a hurry? Forgot to turn off the air conditioner? No need to worry, turn it of using you phone and schedule it to turn back whn you are leaving work through Miral Thinks.

Tailor your home  to your needs!

Its the coldest winter, you find it hard in the morning to leave your warm bed and get ready for work. Lets fix that, Miral Thinks provides you maximum comfort by enabling you to set a schedule tailored to your lifestyle, either by turning on the central heating one hour before you wake up. Or turn it off once youre asleep!

Save Energy and Money!

Miral 2.2S can be used in ways that helps you save energy! You don’t need to wait for the bill to arrive in order to monitor your energy consumption . Miral Thinks will immediately notify you if your air conditioner surpasses the energy usage from the previous month .In this case you can either adjust usage, or take a look at your unit to see if there are any malfunctions.


Through our user-friendly interface, we enable you to access and monitor all your connected devices from anywhere.