Miral Thinks

    The Do It All Product

     Are you looking for a smart product with an easy installation that can make 
    your home smart and connected? Check out Miral Technology’s product and 
    enjoy your smart home

Miral Thinks

Finally, an interface that you can depend on and operate with ease!Miral Thinks is designed to make every connected device manageable, even if there are thousands.


Miral Thinks allows you to conveniently schedule  your devices actions. You may turn them on/off automatically at a predefined time and day throughout the week.

Node Group

Miral Thinks allows you to easily  divide your systems into groups in terms of homes and rooms to better identify them.

Device Sharing

Miral Thinks gives you the ability of sharing a system with other users. It could be something like giving control of lightbulbs to members of your family.

Add A New Device In Three Steps

Miral Thinks is the best user friendly interface that provides quick access to common features and commands. A quick step-by-step installation guide let’s you use the smart device in a few minutes.

Save energy!

With Miral Thinks, there is no such thing as bad behaviours.  Let’s suppose it’s a sunny day and your lights are turned on, Miral Thinks will help you save a lot of energy and remind you that you can turn off your lights and open your window blinds instead.

Enjoy Your Comfort